5 Best Coding Challenge Websites: Compete With Others While Learning to Code

We are all aware that coding is getting increasingly popular, and software development is currently the most popular choice for a professional job.

Everyone can now become great developers with a little effort, time to learn new things, and a willingness to sometimes compromise nights out with friends to search for new sources of coding knowledge thanks to the power of the internet.

With this said, today we will present you with the top five coding challenge websites that will help you in your learning journey and help you improve your skills with specific challenges you will be able to face while learning to code that way.

So, let’s begin!

1. HackerRank

HackerRank landing page

This one is one of the most popular platforms for coding challenges among beginners and those new individuals in the coding world.

Although it is excellent for completing coding challenges, HackerRank is great for businesses and their recruitment department. It will ease their time in selecting the best candidates for development positions by giving them unique coding challenges.

It also can help developers match them with great companies by preparing them for their interviews, practicing their coding skills with their interview preparation kit, and more. This can benefit you by giving you guidelines on what specific requirements different companies look for.

You can try yourself in various coding language and frameworks challenges, such as Python, Angular, C#, JavaScript, and others, and get certified following successful completion. You can practice, track your progress, and collect points while completing the challenges.

Pricing: From $25 to $599 a month.

2. CodeChef

CodeChef landing page

CodeChef is another useful in-browser tool for coding learning that offers tests and problem-solving challenges you may utilize to learn new things and prepare yourself for your upcoming interview!

This one is not so beneficial for beginners but for those intermediate and advanced coders who want to improve their skills and learn new techniques by completing various challenges and exercises in algorithms, strings, data structures, basic programming, and other topics.

As you successfully pass exercises and contests, you get points for correct answers, which helps you progress to higher levels.

Pricing: Free.

3. Coderbyte

Coderbyte landing page

One of the best tools for recruiting competent developers allows you to review and evaluate each candidate.

On the other side, it is a super helpful platform for developers to test their skills and learn something new, prepare themselves for interviews, participate in coding challenges, provide high-quality video materials, analyze, and have a massive database of solutions!

More than a million developers use Coderbyte to improve their professional careers, offering excellent learning methods and challenges in algorithms, full-stack development (Angular, Bash, C/C++/C#, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and others), and database challenges.

Also, this one offers excellent interview kits in algorithms and data structures, Google interview preparations, and React interview preparations to help you prepare most fantastically and shine on the interview!

Pricing: $35 a month, $150 a year, and $79 one-time payment for three months.

4. Codewars

Codewars landing page

Codewars is a powerful platform to improve your development skills by training with the remarkable peers selected based on your preferences, solving tests, completing small coding challenges (kata), earning ranks and awards, and more, mastering your coding skills from the language of your choice!

Learning and challenges can be done individually or in a group. Codewars enables you also to share and receive code with others. This tool can be used to learn new skills and languages while competing and engaging with others. Learning and having fun. What could be better?

Pricing: Free.

5. LeetCode

LeetCode landing page

LeetCode is the last pick on our list. It is one of the best tools on the market that helps you enhance your coding potential and skills, expands your knowledge even more, and prepares you for upcoming interviews!

It supports 14 coding languages you can try, write your projects, debug, test, solve problems, and filter them by the lists, difficulty, and status.

Participate in entertaining coding contests, earn rewards, learn more about Algorithms and Structures, Dynamic Programming, SQL, Arrays, Strings, and Machine Learning, search for top interview questions, and more!

You can also communicate with others about issues, solutions, and potential improvements.

Pricing: $35 a month, $159 a year.


Learning to code has never been more accessible or more entertaining! The platforms mentioned above provide an excellent learning environment for anyone interested in learning new coding abilities and a new language while competing with others.

We recommend exploring them further and selecting the ideal fit for your code development voyage.

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