10 Annoying Yet Easy to Fix Computer Issues

Computers are meant to simplify various tasks; they could turn troublesome, particularly when you become careless towards them. Any technical issue annoys users more when they are in the middle of an important task and are about to finish it.

The article explains different ways that frustrate users frequently and makes it difficult to continue the task you were doing.

Slow Performance

Woman working on a laptop

One of the most common issues faced by any user while working is the slow response of the computer.

Your computer can become slow due to reasons like insufficient RAM, too many applications running at a time, low hard disk space, virus or malware, using outdated versions, etc. You need to figure out the reason behind the problem to solve it successfully.

Spinning Wheel

If you see the rainbow wheel moving unstoppably on the Mac screen, there’s nothing much you can do till it stops spinning.

When you instruct your computer to do something, or you click to open an app, your computer stops responding, and you experience the spinning wheel.

That doesn’t mean that the application has but indicates that your computer is working slowly and you need to optimize it for better performance.

Fake Email Messages

Man viewing an email

Fraudulent email messages are another thing you might be dealing with in your day-to-day lives, and they annoy you the most. Cybercriminals are implementing new tactics to get access to your data or hacking your bank account details.

If you are suspicious of the source of the email, avoid opening it. Never click the links that seem suspicious, as they might redirect you to malicious links.

Device Overheating

Using a computer for a long time can land you in problems that are common but seem frustrating. Device overheating is one of them. After prolonged usage, the components of the computer become exhausted, and there might be a shortage of resources.

Overheating can also be a result of too many apps running in the background. In addition, the fan starts to malfunction; the computer starts to heat up excessively.

Low Storage Space

Hard disk drive

Storing too many apps and files on the computer is the major reason leading to insufficient storage. This stops you from storing important apps and data on the computer that annoys you More than anything.

You must clean the hard drive frequently to delete any redundant apps and unused files. Not only does it help to optimize the storage space, but releases system resources for other important processes.

Buffering Videos

You might be annoyed when the video buffers a lot while starting. The two main reasons for video buffering are the slow internet connection, or the speed at which the router sends data to connected devices is considerably low.

Buffering is basically downloading a certain amount of data before playing any video. If your computer buffers a lot, it might be due to the consistently slow internet connection.

Battery Drains Faster

Battery power mode

Laptops are portable devices that can allow you to work from anywhere. However, battery life can be the limitation as it decides the portability aspect largely.

You can optimize your battery for prolonged usability by limiting the visual effects on your computer or simply by turning it off when not in use. If you find faster drainage, you will have to replace the battery with a new one.

Computer Viruses

Viruses are meant to slow down your system to a great extent. They can even damage the device beyond repair and can put your entire data at stake.

A virus is a malicious code that once gets into your computer affects the overall device and data stored within. Having an antivirus is certainly the best way to keep the viruses away from the computer and stay safe.

Slow Internet Connection

Ethernet ports

A slow internet speed is a headache and puts a halt to your important computing-related tasks. Fast WiFi connectivity is much required to keep the tasks moving all day.

If your internet connection is slow, there might be reasons like router problem, DNS server problem, cable issues, the router being too far from the device, and many others.

You can opt to have a higher WiFi pack for your device to get a good speed and uninterrupted performance.

Annoying Pop-Ups

Internet pop-ups in a browser can irritate you a lot while surfing the internet. They will show various ads that might seem captivating but can be meant to trap you.

Once you click on it, you will be redirected to a malicious site, leaving your work aside. These can be from the advertising agencies that intend to increase the engagement of users on the site.

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