Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Review

A coming soon plugin notifies your visitors or prospects that your site or service is still in development. Moreover, it can indicate that some of your products are presently being repaired.

This type of extension will simplify constructing a homepage for your customers to see whether your site is unavailable or if an item has not yet been released. That is a fantastic way to get the interest of guests and prospective customers and score higher in the search results.

To take some of the poundage off your shoulders, we’d like to communicate the best plugin of this type – the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode WordPress plugin.

This plugin can assist you in informing your clients that your excellent webpage is under construction and that it will be even more fantastic when you complete updating it according to the latest practices.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a custom extension designed for you to spend as much time as you need to complete your site.

It contains over 2 million free photos that you can use and add to over 170 innovative pre-made designs for different circumstances, giving you a plethora of alternatives.

This add-on is a terrific method to notify your consumers that you will be back online shortly.

So let’s begin with our review!

Key features

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode landing page


It will let you eliminate everything of the plugin’s branding, including the name, logo, and color palette. Instead, you might include the information and graphic elements associated with your business.

As a result, you’ll be able to update the existing plugin data with new data that relates the plugin to your brand. Make your consumers believe it’s a unique solution created just for them.

Using the dashboard, you can modify anything from the plugin name to the logo, styles, content, etc., without altering a single application.

Easy layout editing

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode layout editing

That implies that you can reconfigure most blocks simply by dragging them about with the mouse. Therefore, even though there are ten components, they can all be readily altered. You can also hide the Content box because it has a translucent backdrop that fits in with the rest of the site.


This component is ideal for launching an activity or product promotion. Enter a particular day in the settings panel’s time box and adjust the size and color of the numbers on the website.

Themes and images

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode themes

The plugin provides a diverse range of styles that are also flexible and configurable. You may search these massive collections straight from the dashboard and select your favorite images.

Suppose you’ve settled on the perfect picture but want to edit it just a little to match the website’s aesthetic. In that case, the plugin includes 27 effects that you can use to enhance your selected photographs significantly.

Adding a video can also affect visitors by attracting their interest.

Subscribe form

Including a subscription form is an excellent technique to contact consumers and clients via their mailboxes. In the settings panel, you can add descriptive text to each field so that future users know what data to input and where to enter it, alter the subscription button, font, colors, etc.

Clients only need to provide their name and email address, and they will get publications and data in their inboxes.

Social icons

You may change the type of social accounts you want to add and their size and location in the settings panel. Create links to your social media accounts, add icons, and bind them to URLs so clients can access your social media with a single click.

Built-in SEO tests

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode SEO

This plugin has a great aesthetic appearance and tremendous tools.

The SEO tool assists you in determining where the possible breakthrough is, what terms or titles are incorrect, and how to correct them; it provides an excellent overview of the issues on your website and advises on how you should approach your content.

Remote control

From the dashboard, you will also be able to easily monitor all coming soon webpages and turn them on or off without having to log in to each site separately. Even though it appears to be a minor addition, it will undoubtedly be a significant time-saver.


Coming Soon Mode Maintenance Mode pricing plans

These capabilities come at a cost, but the price is not too high with all of the aforementioned in mind.

Yearly membership starts at $39 per year, with a lifelong subscription available for $79 for single users or $199 for web admins, agencies, and anybody with more than one website.

Final thoughts

Don’t hold your users wondering if you need to take your website down for whatever reason or if you realize it will take time to have a replacement site up and running.

You don’t want to put them in the clutches of a sluggish or corrupted site, and you don’t need them to visit a homepage that isn’t ready for widespread use.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a great solution, and it’s pretty simple to install with broad capabilities, so it’s never been easier to construct a fantastic WordPress site with less work.

Whether you are a local company owner, writer, artist, developer, musician, internet vendor, or anything else, you will discover your styling cues in their portfolio of beautiful images and sophisticated, readily configurable themes.

The above plugin is a piece of software that will give you more ability to revise your web page and assist you in increasing your visitors and maintaining your old clients.

On top of that, it will react to all problems with its autoresponder, CRM webinar, and advertising applications, so don’t look further.

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