Top Online Study Tools Every Student Needs in 2023

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Despite the fact that there is a lot to do, you might not have the time or resources. Learning is getting simpler and easier to access as technology advances. When learning new material or getting ready for exams, students can now pick from a wide range of tools. You can find online learning resources for students to use thanks to the internet.

Numerous resources are available to you as a new student to aid in your time on campus. However, it can be challenging to decide which options are best given the abundance of choices. Here are some of the top student-friendly online learning resources you can use to advance your education and begin your college career.

ThingLink is an amazing online study tool every student needs to use in 2023 for a better learning experience. Making interactive images for visual learning is possible with this multipurpose design program. For improved visual learning, ThingLink makes it simple to overlay images, audio, video, and links onto a single image. ThingLink is a multimedia design tool that teachers can use to organize interactive student reports, make infographics, and more.

2. Peergrade

Peergrade is another amazing online tool for studying. Students can use this platform to get feedback on their written assignments. It enables students to receive criticism and develop their existing skills. Teachers create accounts, add settings for when students can submit their assignments, and add instructions for finishing the assignments. Then, students can submit assignments, interact with those others, leave comments on those assignments, edit them, etc. The instructor provides feedback to the students after reviewing their submissions and comments.

3. Coursera

A large number of courses are available through Coursera, an online platform with amazing lessons. Courses on a range of subjects, such as math, science, computer science, etc., are available on the website. With partnerships with top universities around the world, Coursera offers courses taught by academics from these institutions. Students now have the chance to study under some of their field’s top academicians. Additionally, Coursera offers certificates for passing specific courses that can be used to qualify for admission to particular colleges or universities.

4. Quizlet

Students can use Quizlet as a learning tool to aid in memory retention. You can make digital flashcards with question-and-answer pairs using this tool. To make learning more interactive, you can also design tests and games. You can study with friends or coworkers using Quizlet’s collaborative features. This resource is excellent for helping you memorize words, formulas, and other kinds of information. Quizlet is ideal for group learning because it makes learning more engaging and enjoyable. Quizlet can be useful if you have trouble remembering information.


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Learning is getting simpler and easier to access as technology advances. When learning new material or getting ready for exams, students can now pick from a wide range of tools. These resources can be applied outside of the classroom and increase the enjoyment and engagement of learning.

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