The Use of Email Marketing for Event Industry

Email marketing is extremely important. It’s just as relevant today, or even more so. It allows you to send the content directly to your subscribers. If you think that nobody reads emails or that emails get lost in the promotions tab, you could not be more wrong.

When it comes to an event marketing strategy, you simply cannot overlook its importance. To help you understand everything email marketing has to offer, we have prepared the ultimate post. Read on to find out why email should be a part of your event marketing plan.

To Send Personalized Content

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One of the main uses of email marketing for the event industry is that it allows you to send personalized content. As a marketer, you need to understand that user-generated content makes all the difference.

Email marketing is the ultimate tool for building a personal connection with your target audience. You can segment email contacts based on the type of events they are interested in and send personalized emails that are more likely to convert.

Although social media advertising lets you target attendees of a certain demographic, you can take things to the next level through emails.

The truth is that your email contacts are highly valuable as they have interacted with your events firm the most. In fact, you can sort through the master list to target people who have attended, the type of events they have attended, the experience they had, their expectations, and more.

To Generate a Curiosity Gap

To urge prospects to take notice of events, you can turn to email marketing. It allows you to generate a curiosity gap that encourages them to learn more about the latest events that you are hosting.

The fact is that clickbait headlines actually work. They motivate people to jump to the other side and find out everything that is happening. You can build excitement and get them to talk about the event with others for free marketing.

To Improve Pre-Event Marketing Efforts

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An event marketing strategy that leverages emails is better able to promote events. You can easily send event launch emails or event promotion emails to your connections to ensure maximum participation. By spreading the message across, you can expect better results.

Besides, people need to know well in advance about an event. Otherwise, they would be too occupied to attend. Hence, you must send pre-event emails to alert them about the latest happenings. It will encourage them to make a booking and show up.

Moreover, it is always a good idea to keep your audience in the know so that they talk about your brand and expand your reach. It is also worth mentioning that loyal customers are interested in what you are doing.

To Support Post-Event Marketing

Show your clients how much you care about them through post-event email marketing. Once the event ends, you can keep the conversation flowing by sending an email. It is a great way to let your customers know what went down.

You could also rely on post-event email marketing to ensure that people who did not attend the event know what they missed out on. It will convince them to consider booking an event in the future. There is a lot of email marketing content that you can create to follow up with clients.

To Create a Strategic Email Autoresponder Campaign

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In addition to the above, you can also create strategic email autoresponder campaigns. Write emails with different messages to move within the same narrative. It enables you to create multiple touchpoints with email. You can rely on an email list cleaning tool to help you out.

An email autoresponder campaign allows you to streamline event campaigns. It minimizes the amount of effort you put into each campaign. For instance, the autoresponder would send a welcome email informing new prospects when they sign up for a newsletter.

The good news is that email autoresponder campaigns can be used in different ways. They allow you to maintain a connection with your contacts. You should consider creating triggers to send out messages for the following:

  • To wish a happy birthday to each subscriber and offer a discount on events.
  • To cross-sell and promote other events that your subscribers might be interested in when they book an event.
  • To alert subscribers about memberships.
  • To reconnect with your subscribers if you have not been active for quite some time.
  • To re-engage subscribers who might have abandoned an event booking.
  • To conduct surveys and gather more information from your subscribers,

To Create Clear Calls to Action (CTAs)

Improve your event marketing efforts by creating clear calls to action (CTAs). Even a simple CTA goes a long way. It allows you to boost conversions, increase event attendance, and more. Create different CTAs for each event and every type of subscriber.

Most of the time, marketers forget the power of a clear CTA. This is why you need to dedicate some time to crafting messages that your audience is likely to resonate with. You have to put your customer in mind when designing a CTA.

To Answer Questions That Prospects Have

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Everyone has questions. However, successful businesses understand that answering questions offers an effective way to convert prospects.

When you send emails to your customers, they are likely to have questions about it, such as what the dress code is, what time they should arrive, who is coming, how they can make a booking, etc. Hence, what you need to do is add a FAQs section in the email to answer all the questions that prospects have.


Variety in action is necessary for making the most of email marketing in the event industry. You should not put too much focus on one strategy as it would only backfire. It is crucial that you balance your efforts.

Successful email marketing campaigns help you get more people to attend your events on time with less effort. You will be amazed by what you can achieve when you utilize email marketing.

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