Brilliant Marketing Campaign Ideas That Customers Will Engage With

It’s 2022, and the fact of the matter is that your customers want to see something different. They are continuously faced with a massive amount of information and advertising. And it comes from absolutely everywhere.

From the minute you wake up to the moment you drive to work or even when you exercise, information is constantly coming in through various channels.

The question is, how do you set yourself apart from the other companies? How do you cut through the noise? We took a look at ways that you can improve your campaigns and ensure that they are actually reaching your audience and making an impression.

How do you engage with your audience? Here are some of our top tips.

Actually Know Your Audience

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It’s one thing to dive in and start creating campaigns that you think are trendy and entertaining. But, do you know who your audience actually is?

Your first step to creating great campaigns is knowing how to identify target audience demographics. You want to know their basics like gender, age group, location, and budget size; that is all helpful to know.

But what really matters when putting together your campaigns is, what are they actually interested in? What do they follow, and what trends do they follow? What are their daily behaviors like?

Keeping track of this can be somewhat resource-intensive, but once you start getting the basics right, it will be easy to start creating a comprehensive customer profile. Your first step will be to track what is currently trending. You can then spend some time on social media observing what your target audience is posting, following, and engaging with.

Even simple data like knowing when they are online and what times they are posting will help you create a great strategy for social posting.

Align Your Marketing Campaigns With Your Customer Journey

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When was the last time you stepped back and had a deep look at your customer journey? What do your touchpoints look like? Is your messaging consistent throughout the journey? Is your customer pleasantly surprised and delighted at every stage of the journey?

Keep doing customer journey audits throughout the year and actually go through the marketing and sales funnel yourself to see what your customer sees.

When planning your campaigns, it is crucial to keep this customer journey in mind at all times. Your messaging needs to be uniform from the moment they see your brand all the way to when they convert and become paying, loyal customers.

So, when you are creating your campaign strategy, spend time on your content plan and content calendar.

A great way of planning your campaigns is to work on themes over various weeks. Keep in mind various holidays, seasons, recognized days, and key, notable dates in your industry; you can then plan out content that will align with these and pop up in search results when your audience is looking for it.

But, keep bringing all of this content back to the essence of your brand. You will want your brand to be easily identifiable by your audience. You will also want them to learn to expect great content, great products and service, and great communication from your brand.

Your customer journey ties all of this together.

Keep Content Uniform and Brand-Aligned

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Let’s chat a bit more about this, as we mentioned earlier. Digital marketing means that you have various platforms to work off of. The trick is to keep these channels aligned but ensure that the content is adjusted according to the platform. Let’s face it, what you send out to your email list is going to be vastly different from what you put on Instagram.

But the point is, it should follow the same messaging and have the same theme. One of the easiest ways to start this is by writing a blog and posting on the site. The blog is a great way to educate and inform your customer about something useful about your brand. It is also great for SEO.

This blog can be shared with your email contacts as well as on social media platforms. But, it can also be broken up into smaller, bite-sized content pieces. You can create images and videos around it and share them on various platforms.

Don’t forget, platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, although they are all considered social platforms, need different formats. TikTok is more focused on video content; Facebook is more text-based, and Instagram image-based.

Bottom Line

Keep up with what your competitors are doing and know what is happening on social media globally. If something is trending, try and jump onto that as soon as you can. But it is important to measure and monitor how successful each campaign is.

Watch the metrics on the platforms and keep an eye on traffic to your site. Campaigns can always be duplicated based on how successful other campaigns were.

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