7 Best Video Player for Windows 10 & 11 [2021]

The objective of this guide is to list down the best video player for windows 10. Cinemas are the very best pick for most. But, there are cases when watching a film in a theatre is much less accessible. It’s totally fair, and enjoyable if you’re comfortable. If you want to watch a movie on your own Windows PC, then it is possible to use the default Windows Media Player or you may use 3rd party video player which will provide you with a ton of innovative features. These media players have existed for a while with awesome features and tools.

These best video players for Windows PC have existed for a while, and some of them are free while some include a price. So read this complete article and see which one is the best video player for you in 2021. These Best Video Players for Windows 10 comes with some powerful features and simple to use functions. The new-generation Video Player includes lots of impressive characteristics to suit your basic needs. For watching videos, you must have a decent media player installed on your PC.

Free Video Player for Windows 10 and 11

These Video Players for Windows 10 are although free to download, you might need to devote some money to purchase your advanced tools. All these Video Player for Windows 10 comes with a wide range of support, including common formats like MP4, AVI, and MKV. Real Player is another well-known media player that’s used and preferred by almost the vast majority of us. There are lots of video players available in the marketplace, but in regards to selecting the very best video player for Windows PC, there are a number of factors that should be considered.

1. VLC Player

The VLC media player is simple to manage and functionality is also wonderful. He is, without a doubt, the most popular media player in the world. Without a doubt, he is one of the finest free video players ever created. The VLC Media Player has been in existence for a while and it definitely does not require any introduction.

Using the VLC media player is extremely easy and easy. Obviously VLC media player is just one of the very best video players, particularly for Windows systems. It is famous for a large number of built-in video codecs. The VLC media player also has audio and video filters so that you’re able to tinker with the very best possible performance. VLC player is one of the most used media players on the planet. The VLC media player isn’t just for video playback, however. It also comes with a lot of features that many users don’t even know. VideoLAN VLC media player is a wonderful solution for home users looking to play their favourite media files.

The VLC Player can fill all of your audio needs as it can not just stream radio but in addition play podcasts. VLC Media Player is a well-known media player that’s readily available for all important desktop and mobile platforms. He is a very popular free open-source program that can be used to watch almost every movie format out there. For the reason alone, it might be worth installing a VideoLAN VLC media player on your PC.

VLC Player Pros:

  • Free
  • Simple to Use
  • Support All the Files
  • Simple to Download and install

VLC Player Cons:

  • Can not play encrypted Blu-ray
  • Cannot play our test DVD

2. GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is one of the ideal video players for Windows as it’s loaded with built-in codecs. Another absolutely free video player and the very best, GOM Media Player was created by the GOM laboratory and it’s among the greatest free software you can have when you’d like to play nearly all multimedia files.

Generally, the majority of the video players come together with the Windows version or at the right time of purchasing the computers. Or you can go for a 3rd party video player that will give you a slew of advanced capabilities. GOM Video Player is additionally a good Video Player available in the marketplace. If Windows Media Player isn’t enough for you, you might search for better software. The default Windows Media Player isn’t good enough for nearly all of us, and all of us need an additional featured video player.

GOM Player has a couple of quite neat search tools developed in. Just like any other player, he can also be controlled using keyboard shortcuts. GOM Media Player is loaded with extraordinary features and supplies high-quality output for virtually any size and variety of files. While GOM Player is certainly not the very best player in regards to the total number of video formats supported from the box, it’s undoubtedly one of the ideal video players as soon as it comes to features and options. GOM Media Player is a great totally free media player that could play media files of lots of unique formats. GOM Media Player for Windows is a fantastic alternative for playing many different kinds of video and audio files.

You are able to download a GOM player with a couple of clicks on our site. Gom Player is among them and comes equipped with a handful of qualities that assure you it means business. GOM Media Player supports a wide array of audio and video formats from the box.

GOM Player Pros

  • Excellent support
  • Subtitle finder
  • Codec tool

GOM Player Cons

  • The installer includes unwanted programs
  • The interface is not good

3. Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic includes advanced features like Trick Play, which enables you to jump to your favorite scenes easily. You will be able to download the setup media player classic mac that is an offline installer. Media Player Classic is among the very best PC media players due to the fast and simple UI. Media Player Classic can bring in a range of music visualization displays. This Media Player Classic- Home Cinema comes with built-in codecs for MPEG-2 and LPCM, MP2, AC3, etc.

Media Player Classic Pros:

  • The interface is easy to navigate
  • Lightweight installation
  • Robust control options

Media Player Classic Cons:

  • There are no amazing features

4. KMPlayer

KMPlayer includes packed apps. The KMPlayer is so widely renowned as it can read and play a broad range of non-standard media files together with standard media files including VCD, DVD, AVI in addition to high-resolution formats like MKV and FLV. KMPlayer is an adequate movie player application for the KDE desktop atmosphere. KMPlayer features an excellent FTP service that enables users to stream various videos or radio stations from the web.

KMPlayer includes almost all of the crucial decoders necessary for media playback. Furthermore, the KMPlayer can play even damaged media files or file objects, which have never been downloaded completely from the internet. The KMPlayer includes almost all of the vital decoders necessary for media playback.

KMPlayer is better to use an application that supports a wide collection of formats, mainly when it also includes numerous built-in audio and video codecs. If you would like to learn more about KMPlayer, you might visit the KMPlayer help centre for more details.

KMPlayer Pros:

  • Play multiple formats
  • fast working
  • supports all formats

KMPlayer Cons:

  • subtitle font sizes were messed up
  • media buttons in pop-up
  • external codec for video 5.1

5. 5KPlayer

5KPlayer bundles many helpful features and aims to give you a complete media user experience, it’s well organized and simple to use interface that makes things appear like a walk in the park. Its interface is extremely clean and easy.

5KPlayer lets you download video and audio files from several social media websites and other sites. 5KPlayer is a free media player that also functions as an HD video player and music player as it plays high-resolution videos also. The media player for Windows gives you the screen recorder choice to record the tasks which are running on the desktop or another device. 5KPlayer provides a wide collection of configuration selections for video, audio, subtitles, and more.

5KPlayer Pros:

  • Convert Mp3 format
  • Support many files
  • Download videos from multiple sites

5KPlayer Cons:

  • The downloading process is slow
  • One video at a time
  • Use More CPU power

Final Words

Among all these available Best Video Player for Windows 10 and Desktop PC, VLC Player is the best one. But according to your needs, you can select your best Video Player.

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