What to do when Internet Explorer has stopped working?

Internet Explorer is a web browser that was created by Microsoft. It is the most common web browser in the world. Mostly every person who has used the Internet from the early 1990s started developing their knowledge with internet explorer.

It was the first know browser for most people. Even today, it is installed by every individual who wishes to use it. The internet explorer was one of its kind and was made available to numerous browsers when it was formerly developed in 1995.

Internet Explorer has stopped working

This invention by Microsoft paved the way for many companies to come. Even though today there are several browsers like chrome and safari, no browser can provide the same simplicity as internet explorer did. The internet explorer has features added to it, and it has turned into a series of browsers created by Microsoft.

Why does the internet explorer crash?

There can be quite a few reasons due to which your Internet explorer is crashing. It can be due to some bugs that have entered your Explorer. This usually happens due to add-ons that crowding your Explorer too much. But if you are Explorer keeps crashing frequently, it can be due to some virus that is infecting your system device or is only present in the Internet explorer.

The reason behind your explore crashing has to do something with the browser settings, the browser settings might not be set up correctly, which is causing this problem.

The Internet Explorer can be disabled on your device through settings without you having the slightest idea about it. Having about internet connection could also be the reason behind the crash of your Internet explorer.

If you are facing problems like a crash of your browser for the first time, it could be because your browser has become outdated, and you need to get an updated version of the internet explorer.

Why can your Internet explorer have stopped working?

If your Internet explorer stops working out of the blue, then you should first check your internet connection. The most common cause behind the Internet explorer not working is the absence or poor connection of the Internet.

Other reasons for your internet explorer not working could be that you have demanded access to a restricted site, the website could be unreachable for several purposes like country, location, safety, etc.

Trying to access files of any kind which is not supported by the Internet explorer can also be a significant reason behind your Internet Explorer not working. Another reason for your Internet explorer not working could be that a virus of any kind has infected your system, and this virus could have gotten in your system through your browser.

On the Microsoft website, you can also find a few reasons due to which your Internet Explorer is not working these reasons include damaged files trying to be viewed by the Explorer or low memory rate of your device.

How to fix internet explorer issues?

For fixing the issues have been facing while using Internet Explorer, you need to follow a few steps:

Step 1: You need to scan your device to make sure that there is no virus present in the device that is causing issues for the working Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Go to settings of your device and make sure that according to the settings you are selected browser that is Internet Explorer is allowed to work on your device.

Step 3: Check if your internet explorer is the latest version, for doing so the easiest way is to go on the official website of Microsoft and check if the latest version they are advocated is the same version of Microsoft Internet Explorer you have.

The version you have doesn’t have to be exact version being promoted on the website; a number or two older versions can work perfectly for your needs. Our motto here is to make sure that your Internet Explorer isn’t outdated, and version you have can handle the usage of websites launched recently.

How to fix Internet explorer freezes issues?

Step 1: If the Internet explorer keeps freezing, the first step you need to take to fix this issue is to go to settings and clear all the cache that is present for this browser. You can even use any software designed to clean up these caches present in devices.

Step 2: The next step advised by most is to run a virus check through your device and install a good latest version of antivirus to your device.

Step 3: The third step is taken for fixing freezing issues experienced while using the Internet Explorer should be that you can go to the settings and make sure that all zones are selected to default level.

Add-on can be a significant problem while using internet explorer, most problems faced when using this browser is due to unwanted add-ons that are present in the device, does removing the add-ons for the smooth working of this browser is a must.

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