7 Tips for Planning a Virtual Farewell Party at Work

After the year 2020 forced most events to transition to being held virtually, it taught everyone to be social regardless of the location they’re in. And with businesses getting used to virtual networking events these days, seminars, reviews, and many more, virtual farewell parties grew in popularity as a result.

Now, most businesses hold a farewell event when sending a team member off. This event is meant to help in the transition process of those leaving and help them feel special. Most farewell parties make employees feel appreciated and create happy memories before goodbyes are given out.

If you’re a company manager, planning a virtual event can be quite different from what you’re used to. You won’t be meeting with anyone face-to-face unlike how farewell events were carried out a few years back.

But even though virtual parties might seem strange and different, you can still find ways to make them creative. If done right, a farewell party might even end up being memorable and fun.

Whether you’re in charge of another team member’s farewell event or offering input to your team, below are some great tips to keep in mind. Enjoy reading.

1. Choose a Fun Theme

Christmas virtual party

A team member leaving can create a sad atmosphere, especially when done virtually. To begin, you need to find a theme that can lighten the mood and that everyone will be interested in. The right event theme allows you to plan and cover all the basics.

When choosing a theme, consider finding farewell party ideas for coworkers that’ll put you on the right path. There are many themes, and some great options include a game night, a movie night, a virtual happy hour, and a dinner party.

You can find helpful tips online or from friends and loved ones who have already carried out successful farewell parties before.

2. Pick a Reliable Video Platform to Use

Virtual parties need a reliable meeting platform that all participants can access with ease. Most video chat platforms work all the same but some online guests might need a simple how-to guide that’ll help them.

The video platforms you choose should be easy to navigate, understand, and use. This way, the possibility of anyone being logged off, disengaged, and distracted will be low.

3. Organize a Short Party

Office party

Remote meetings can be tiring if done over a very long time frame. Long parties tend to be awkward, and conversations might feel forced after some time, ruining the entire farewell gathering. As a result, you should consider keeping your party short and leaving it on a high note.

However, you should inform your coworkers that they can stay longer and keep chatting if they want to.

4. Prepare a Visual Presentation

Visual presentation can be an interesting way to show funny memories of the outgoing coworker. You can involve all the team members by having them chip into making a slide show. Find ways of making that video unique and fit in with the theme.

One great option includes gathering video messages from the rest of the team members and playing it during the party. Work well with all that’s good about your leaving coworker and feels appropriate.

5. Time It Effectively

Clock on chalkboard

Timing is an important factor when it comes to planning an online goodbye party. When scheduling the farewell party, you’ll need to time it so that it falls on the last day of the team member’s stay with the company. This way, your party will reduce goodbyes, and the leaving worker will have a positive last impression.

6. Find Ways of Personalizing It

People love a good look back, and a virtual farewell party is a right opportunity to do that for your departing colleague. Take time and get each team member to share something they learned and value from the team member. They can do this by sending a virtual card or righting it down on a page to make it more personal.

7. Send Physical or Virtual Gifts

Woman receiving gifts

Gift-giving has never gone out of style and will be a great way of saying goodbye to a departing team member. Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive but should have personal touches. Depending on your preferences, you can send either physical or virtual gifts.

Get all the team members to contribute towards a perfect gift. If you choose to send a physical gift, consider planning and having them delivered on time for the party.

Bottom Line

One great result of the pandemic is how it sparks creativity during hard times. A virtual farewell party is one great example of how creativity can be used for fun.

Having the right ideas will make planning a virtual farewell party easy and fun for everyone. You can find fun ideas, such as creating a happy hour for a chance to raise a toast to your team member.

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