Fix error 0xc000021a in Windows 8 and 10

Microsoft Windows 10 has numerous problems since it was introduced. After a few years, when Microsoft started pushing updates, some errors were solved but there are many other issues which are still out there. Error code 0xc000021a is one of them. Users are still facing error code 0xc000021a Problem on their Windows computers and laptops.

While working on your computer, suddenly, you see this error code 0xc000021a. This error says That The Computer has an issue and has to restart. This problem appears in a very blue screen of death. This problem also persists even after restarting the PC. You have to restart your computer to skip this error but again after some time, you will see this error again. So you have to fix this error permanently.

This issue arises when you install new Windows updates. Therefore, after the Windows update installed, it doesn’t show to Windows and shows this blue screen of death together with an error.

Reason for error 0xc000021a

The main reason for this problem to look.winlogon.exe: As the name of the file presents, this file is responsible for the login and logout operations inside Windows.

This file might be damaged due to a mismatch of Program Files or third-party programs.csrss.exe: the next file causing this problem is Csrss.exe. This exe file goes to the Microsoft server or client.

Fix error 0xc000021a in Windows

Restart your PC and see whether the error has been removed. This error signals that the computer doesn’t meet the minimal requirements to download the update. In any case, the error happens to other conditions, for example, you’ve installed a new program or hardware. In the majority of the scenarios, this error shows up whenever the system is booted. It can appear in most Windows systems. It occurs when critical system processes fail to run, or the system is unable to start. The absolute most typical BSOD errors occur as a consequence of driver difficulties.

Let’s see how to repair the problem. If you’re troubled by the same issue, keep reading in order to find out the resolution. Begin with method 1 and start implementing other methods until the 0xc000021a windows 10 error is resolved. After doing that, it should be completely resolved and you’ll be able to install Windows 10 without issues.

Here are some working solutions to fix 0xc000021a PC Ran into a problem and needs to restart error.

Method 1: Repair Corrupt System Files

One issue can be Corrupt System Files. So first you have to check and see which files are corrupted and fix them. There are some tools that can scan your entire system and find damaged and Corrupt System Files.

Download and run Reimage Plus to scan which is one of the most popular tools to check Corrupt System Files in Windows.

Once done, reboot your PC and then see the error is fixed or not. If still facing the issue, try this next method.

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Method 2: Booting Windows Manually

To fix the 0xc000021a Error code on windows 10, you have to boot Windows manually. Booting the Windows in safe mode wouldn’t work.

Step 1: Restart the PC from Windows holding the Shift key and clicking on the Restart.

Step 2: It will take you to an options screen. Select Troubleshoot to access advanced tools.

Step 3: From the next screen, choose the Advanced option.

Step 4: From the next screen, click on Startup Settings as shown in the picture below.

Step 5: Press F7 for Disable driver signature enforcement.

This will fix your issue.

Method 3: Use SFC Scan Command

Step 1: Open command prompt Windows and type “sfc /scannow” command.

Step 2: Press Enter and wait for the scan.

Step 3: Reboot PC and it will fix Error Code 0x000021a in Windows 10.

Method 4: Disabling Windows Services

Step 1: Open Run and type msconfig > press Enter.

Step 2: Click the Services tab > Make sure that Hide all Microsoft services are checked.

Step 3: Click Disable All and click Apply.

Step 4: Click the Startup tab > Click Open Task Manager.

Step 5: Disable all items one by one and close the Task Manager.

Step 6: Click OK to close the System Configuration window.

Reboot your PC to fix STOP Error 0xc000021A.

Final Words

Hope you have successfully solved windows 8 error 0xc00021a. If you are still facing the issue again and again then you have to reinstall your Windows 10.

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