Endoscope Camera – Endoscope App for Android for PC Windows and Mac – Is There a Free Download?

Endoscope cameras have revolutionized various industries, enabling professionals to conduct visual inspections in hard-to-reach or confined spaces. Paired with the right application, these cameras offer a versatile solution for tasks ranging from medical examinations to automotive repairs. In this article, we will explore the options available for using an endoscope camera on your PC, focusing on Android apps, compatibility with Windows and Mac, and whether there are free downloads available.

Understanding Endoscope Cameras and Applications

Understanding Endoscope Cameras and Applications

An endoscope camera is a miniature camera attached to a long, flexible tube that allows for visual inspections in spaces that are otherwise inaccessible. This technology finds applications in fields like healthcare, plumbing, automotive maintenance, and more.

To use an endoscope camera with a PC, you’ll need an application that can interpret and display the camera feed. This is where endoscope apps come into play.

Endoscope Apps for Android

Android devices have a variety of endoscope camera applications available for download on Google Play Store. These apps allow you to connect your endoscope camera to your Android smartphone or tablet, turning it into a powerful tool for visual inspections.

Popular endoscope apps for Android include “CameraFi,” “USB Camera,” “Endoscope Camera,” and “Endoscope Camera HD.” These apps typically offer features like real-time video streaming, image capture, video recording, and adjustable settings for brightness and resolution.

Using Endoscope Apps on PC (Windows and Mac)

While endoscope cameras are designed primarily for use with Android devices, it is possible to use them on a PC running Windows or Mac. To do this, you’ll need an Android emulator, which is a software that allows you to run Android applications on your PC.

Two widely used Android emulators are Bluestacks and NoxPlayer. Here’s how you can use them:

1. Download and Install the Emulator

   – Visit the official website of the emulator you prefer (Bluestacks or NoxPlayer).

   – Download the emulator installer.

   – Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install the emulator on your PC.

2. Open the Emulator

   – Launch the emulator once the installation is complete.

   – Sign in with your Google account (just like you would on an Android device).

3. Download and Install the Endoscope App

   – Open the Google Play Store within the emulator.

   – Search for the endoscope app you want to use and click “Install.”

4. Connect Your Endoscope Camera

   – Connect your endoscope camera to your PC using the appropriate USB adapter.

5. Open the Endoscope App

   – Launch the endoscope app within the emulator.

6. Select Your Camera

   – In the app, choose the connected endoscope camera from the list of available devices.

7. Start Using Your Endoscope Camera on PC

   – You should now be able to view the live feed from your endoscope camera on your PC screen.

Is There a Free Download?

Both Android emulators, Bluestacks and NoxPlayer, offer free versions for personal use. You can download and install these emulators without any cost.

As for the endoscope apps, most of them have free versions available on the Google Play Store. These free versions often come with basic features, but they are usually sufficient for general visual inspections.

However, some endoscope apps may offer premium or pro versions with additional features or without ads. These versions usually require a one-time purchase or a subscription.


In conclusion, using an endoscope camera with your PC is possible through Android emulators like Bluestacks and NoxPlayer. These emulators are free to download and install. Additionally, there are free versions of endoscope apps available on the Google Play Store, offering basic functionality for visual inspections. For more advanced features, some apps may offer premium versions that require a purchase or subscription. By utilizing these tools, you can harness the power of endoscope cameras for a wide range of applications on your PC.

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