Is Minecraft Realms Down? How To Check Minecraft Server Status

Minecraft is one of the most popular kids coding games, among others. According to recent reports, the Minecraft realm server is down. So related to some connectivity issues that prevailed in the realm, people are wondering whether it is down.

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In this blog post today, we will discuss the Minecraft realms being down or not. Let’s have a look at how to check Minecraft server status and more.

Check Minecraft Realms Down or not?

In the recent reports, there has been a spike in the Minecraft realms being down complaints. As of March 16, there is speculation of Minecraft realms being down. Well, according to the Mojang developers, these speculations are right for specific platforms.

As per the recent news update, server issues are found to exist in Minecraft Java Edition. Mojang team is investigating the matter and thanked people for their patience.

How to check Minecraft server status?

No official statement has yet been released until now. Servers are likely under extra strain leading to these server issues. The best way to check Minecraft server status is to keep your eye on the Minecraft Twitter page and Mojang Support page.

Realms update pending within 48 hours

Many users reported the “Realms update pending within 48 hours” error. You can quickly resolve it by downloading the world. Replace it with the downloaded version and make sure if you are using any texture packs you reupload it with your world.

Is Minecraft Realms Down

Minecraft servers not loading

People are beginning to wonder if Minecraft servers are down. As we know, Minecraft realms allow players to host their private Minecraft server. With the private server, players can invite friends to play. Some users are also facing issues with Minecraft not loading issue.

However, today players are facing a bunch of errors and issues related to the Minecraft servers. Although the Mojang team is working on it and requested people to be patient, there is nothing much we can do about it.

Minecraft realms maintenance

Whenever there is a significant outrage, our servers automatically notify Mojang maintenance about it. The Mojang team has not yet given the exact reason behind these server issues that prevailed over the Minecraft realms.

Mojang Minecraft shutting down

While playing the game, if you face any error, then firstly check your internet connection. But if the error message didn’t go away, be patient till the issue is being worked on.

Try logging out and logging in to make sure that the issue isn’t caused due to your connection issues. More people are home right now and hence overloading the realm servers.

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