How to Create Social Media Graphics That Stand Out

Are your social posts getting lost in the crowd?

While the latest pandemic might have shut down almost every industry, social media growth has increased by a lot worldwide. This means there’s a lot of competition for your posts to get lost in.

Now, we all know that a picture can say a thousand words. But what makes social media graphics stand out?

Read on for our tips on creating social media graphics!

Use Bright and Bold Colors

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Bold colors can grab people’s attention and bring energy to the visuals. Colors like bright yellows and pinks, vibrant blues and greens, or hot reds and oranges can draw a viewer in. Incorporating these vivid colors into the overall design truly makes a difference.

Keep in mind though that bright colors can also be an acquired taste. So be sure to select colors that align with your brand’s aesthetic.

Don’t forget to consider how the colors interact with each other and how they’ll appear to commenters online. This is because subtle details on a screen can have a profound impact.

Add Text to Add Interest

Text can greatly enhance the visual impact of your images. Be sure to consider the font, color, size, and placement of the text. By doing so, you can create a more dynamic, memorable, and engaging image that will draw the viewer’s attention.

Something as simple as a witty quote or saying that adds humor to your image can be an effective way to attract attention. If done right, this will help your social media images stand out from the crowd.

Think About Image Size

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Many social media outlets have different image requirements. This includes certain aspect ratios and dimensions. This is also applicable when you make a GIF.

Images need to be large enough to get seen clearly and make a statement. But they should not be too large, or they will take up too much space.

Also, resizing an image can cause it to become pixelated. This will detract from the graphic’s appeal.

Seek Assistance From Professionals

Graphic designs can be tricky to get right and even more so when it is for social media use. Fortunately, seeking assistance from professionals can help.

Professionals have the experience and knowledge to create good-quality designs. They can even help come up with the best designs that represent a company’s brand.

They understand the requirements and create designs that are ideal for the intended purpose on social media. They can help with the finer details that go into creating graphics as well. The extra help from professionals will be sure to make your social media graphic design stand out.

Make Your Social Media Graphics Stand Out Today

Social media graphics are a great way to make your message stand out. If done right, you can successfully attract the attention of more potential customers.

The tips above will give you an edge over other competitors! So what are you waiting for? Start designing today!

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