Some Best VPN For Windows 10 To Protect Your Identity

Best VPN For Windows 10

The number of people online is at an all-time high, and the need to protect your digital information is crucial now more than ever. Are you wondering what to do to prevent your activities from falling into the hands of a hacker? Well, then you are in luck because here are the 7 Best VPN … Read more

7 Best Video Player for Windows 10 [2021]

The objective of this guide is to list down the best video player for windows 10. Cinemas are the very best pick for most. But, there are cases when watching a film in a theater is much less accessible. It’s totally fair, and enjoyable if you’re comfortable. If you want to watch a movie on … Read more

Microsoft Releases Free File Recovery Tool For Windows 10

The possibility of recovering a deleted file depends upon the time period of its deletion and the file size. The file Recovery tool is one of the most important utility programs, among others. Microsoft also has recently launched a utility known as Microsoft Free File Recovery Tool. Let’s get to know about it in detail. Microsoft … Read more

10 Best Drivers Updater for Windows 10

Drivers Updater for Windows 10

A Windows driver works as a bridge between the hardware and Windows 10 OS. Without drivers, you can’t use any 3rd party external device like mouse, keyboard, webcam, printer, or graphic card. You have to download and install drivers for all these hardware devices so that they can communicate with your OS. Why you need … Read more

How to Fix err_network_changed Error in Windows 10

Err Network Changed

Visualize this; you are doing a critical school project which is due tomorrow. You open your Google Chrome browser and what you see? You will see an error message saying err_network_changed. As annoying it is, it is a vital error without which we will not realize what is wrong with our network connection service. So, … Read more