How to Fix err_network_changed Error in Windows 10

Err Network Changed

Visualize this; you are doing a critical school project which is due tomorrow. You open your Google Chrome browser and what you see? You will see an error message saying err_network_changed. As annoying it is, it is a vital error without which we will not realize what is wrong with our network connection service. So, … Read more

How to Download and Install iMessage For Windows 10

iMessage Alternatives

iMessage is a messaging application designed by Apple Inc. This chat application works only for mac users. That doesn’t mean that Windows users can’t chat on their PCs. There are many alternatives other than iMessage for windows. Even though we can access iMessage to android and windows but these connections aren’t safe as third-party login … Read more

How To Fix Minecraft Won’t Launch in Windows 10

How To Fix Minecraft Won’t Launch in Windows 10

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game, developed by Mojang Studios. It’s a great fun game with infinite blocks building and a blank digital canvas to play around with. But several users have come across an annoying state of not able to launch Minecraft on Windows 10. So if you are also willing to play Minecraft but … Read more

How To Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10

Disable Windows Defender

The world is turning into a more technological place as the years go by, with innovations and softwares coming out now and then. As our society enters the digital age, we face new and alarming threats from other people. Today, when our information is hanging in some encrypted database, and people make money transactions online, … Read more

How to Download Minecraft Mods for Windows 10 

If you’re interested in Minecraft Mods, you can just install them. Minecraft Mods for Windows are essentially broken up into three different types. The mod also enables you to frequently back up your progress so should you ever wind up messing something up, then it is possible to restore an old backup with no issues … Read more