Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage in Windows 10

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Hello, dear reader, are you facing some trouble with your PC today? Is that trouble seeming like too much? But don’t worry. You have reached the right place. I take problems and turn them into solutions. Just like it is supposed to be. Every day we discuss a new topic, and today we are going … Read more

Fix INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Error in Windows 10, 8 & 7


Updating to Windows 10 is not rocket science. Anyone can download or upgrade to Windows 10. The issue is, somany users are facing issues in Windows 10 like Sound Not Working, Graphic Card not working, Display not working and etc. INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error is the most irritating error among many Windows 10 users. So today we … Read more

Windows Update Service Not Working – Complete Solution

Windows Update Service Not Working

A free Microsoft service, Windows update service is meant to provide users with updates like service patches/packs to keep an operating system environment up to date. This service automatically scans a Windows system and suggest required updates for the same. The Windows users can also check the updates on their own by going to the … Read more

Fix Windows 10 Black Screen With Cursor Problem

Windows 10 Black Screen With Cursor

Windows 10 comes with many bugs and issues. Windows 10 Black Screen With Cursor Problem is one of the BSOD error in Windows 10. You will see this black screen error while restarting or Shutting Down Windows 10 Desktop or Laptop. None of the Windows 10 Error may be as annoying as the black screen … Read more

Windows Defender vs Avast: Antivirus comparison

Windows Defender vs Avast

Before making the head-to-head battle between Windows Defender vs Avast, first of all, let’s get to know some basics about antivirus. What is an Antivirus? An antivirus is a set of computer programs used for the detection, prevention, and removal of harmful elements for a system like malware, virus, etc. Just like a biological virus … Read more